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Published: August 27, 2019

Dadgum Box Scores 2.0

The long offseason project is ready for some eyeballs. In the last update, I wrote I wanted to convert all the data on this site into a Shiny App.

And that’s now a reality.

You can see the new app here:

Who cares?

If you’re interested in stats, the history of Carolina basketball in the Roy Williams Era, and like to play with data … maybe you do?

The app makes its much easier to sort, filter, and locate past information. The complete dataset available in the app includes the following information for all 586 games in the Roy Williams Era:

Plus you can check out the Dadgum Data tab to download this data on your own. For free. All files are in CSV format.

If you’re accessing this app on a mobile device, plan to use landscape. It makes it much easier to view the data.

Example using the app

For example, using the plots you can view Carolina’s Free Throw Rate and Three-Point Rate game-by-game and compare it to opponent’s rates for the same season or different seasons.

This shows overall trends in a season, and how it’s much more likely for teams to attempt a three-point shot than a foul shot in recent seasons.

plot party

Next steps?

I’m far from a data scientist. More like a data janitor. This app took a ton of time, frustration, trial and error, and help from the Internet to build.

So, I would like your help. Here is how you can help:

The best way to contact me is @dadgumboxscores.

Now with this app, the plan is to write more or try to use the data for more observations. A few ideas I’m kicking around include:

Thanks for reading this far.

P.S.: Did you know Carolina is 33-1 in the Roy Williams Era when posting an effective field goal percentage of 65 or higher?

Any ideas of the lone loss?

Ping me @dadgumboxscores with the answer.