FYI: Dadgum Box Scores

You’re reading FYI: Dadgum Box Scores, random observations using every UNC box score since '03-04.

Published: February 8, 2017

Update: Referees, officials, zebras

How often UNC has seen a certain referee this season?

I found myself asking this question when watching Carolina beat Florida State at home.

Rather than track it in a Excel or CSV file, it sparked me to use to organize and easily find this information.

So that’s what I did.

You can now find a list of officials for every game played in the 2016–17 UNC season here:

You can filter by a referee’s name, like Ted Valentine (AKA TV Teddy): []( valentine)

Or sort to see which referee UNC has seen the most at home or away this season.

Since the UNC-Duke game is a day away, I’d also decided to research referees for every UNC-Duke game since the 2003–04 season.

You can now find that here:

The same filtering and sorting options are available, plus there is a link to the box score and result of each game.

3 observations using this data

  1. Ted Valentine (5 games) has officiated the most UNC games this season followed by Roger Ayers, Ron Groover, and Lee Cassell (4 games).

  2. Karl Hess, no longer working in the ACC, has been on the court for 10 of the last 27 UNC-Duke matchups, most amongst any official.

  3. The top-20 officials are rated by Ken Pomeroy here. And Carolina has seen 13 of the top-20 officials at least once this season.

Want to find any UNC box score since 2003–04? Check out