FYI: Dadgum Box Scores

You’re reading FYI: Dadgum Box Scores, random observations using every UNC box score since '03-04.

Published: November 8, 2017

Update: Four factors, more refs, and NBA players

Did you know UNC was 11-3 last season when posting a higher turnover percentage than its opponent?

It’s true, you can find that information here.

Two of those wins came in the NCAA Championship run against Butler and Kentucky. Carolina could win games turning the ball over more often than its opponent because of its strength in the other three factors.

What are the four factors?

The four factors explain why a team wins or loses. They’re the building blocks to efficiency. The four factors are:

  1. Shooting
  2. Avoiding turnovers
  3. Offensive rebounding
  4. Getting to the foul line

I’ve added a page to the site that shows the totals for all four factors for every game last season.

I plan on doing this again this season, and maybe compiling it for every game since 2003-04 too. Stay tuned.

Refs, refs, and more refs

You can now find a list of every official for every game since 2003-04 here:

Filter by a referee’s name, like Mike Eades:

You can filter by win or loss, season like 03-04, or home or away.

I’m working on sharing some observations using this data, but here is a few points.

  1. Retired official, Bryan Kersey, who is now the head of all officials in the ACC, has officiated the most UNC games since ‘03-04. 80 total games, and UNC won only 65 percent of the games Kersey was on the court.

  2. UNC won only 52 of 80 games when Kersey was on the court. This was the lowest winning percentage of any referee UNC has seen, with at least 20 games officiated, since 2003-04. Tony Greene is next lowest, 68 percent, as the Tar Heels are 24-11 in games officiated by Greene since 2003-04.

  3. Carolina has won 27 of 29 games when Ed Corbett is one of the officials. This winning percentage (93 percent) is the highest amongst any referee UNC has seen, with at least 20 games officiated, since 03-04.

NBA Draft Picks/Players

Because UNC had two players drafted in the first round of the 2017 NBA Draft, I thought it might be handy to see a complete list of draftees or NBA players since 2003-04.

I’ve put this page together here:

Please note this was last updated in June 2017. The games played and contract data isn’t updated daily or anything like that, only at the end of each NBA season.

So you won’t see games played for Justin Jackson or Tony Bradley yet, or Marcus Paige who made his NBA debut October 26, 2017.

If you spot an error, please let me know.

Want to find any UNC box score since 2003–04? Check out