FYI: Dadgum Box Scores

You’re reading FYI: Dadgum Box Scores, random observations using every UNC box score since '03-04.

Published: August 16, 2018

Update: Four factors for every game

If you don’t know, the four factors explain why a team wins or loses. They’re the building blocks to efficiency. The four factors are:

  1. Shooting (eFG)
  2. Avoiding turnovers (TO%)
  3. Offensive rebounding (OR%)
  4. Getting to the foul line (FTRate)

I’ve now added four factors and points-per-possession (PPP) for every game since 2003-04 on this page on the site.

This was a tall task. For any games from the ‘03-04 to the ‘06-07 season, the four factors had to be calculated manually. I even built a four factor calculator to make this a bit easier.

At the start of the ‘07-08 season, a great (and free) site came in handy:

While most people are aware of, Bart Torvik’s site is on the same level. Tons of useful information, including box scores since the ‘07-08 season that calculate some of the four factors for you.

Here are a few interesting tidbits using this four factor information:

Hope to do more with this data in the future.

Mobile access

It’s been a challenge to present all this information in a way that’s useful on mobile devices. I’ve made some adjustments to make the tables and information easier to access.

For example, here’s how the officials page looks now on mobile:


The same changes exist for all other tables on the site. Big thanks to Matt Smith, and his recommendation on a simple responsive table.

Want to find any UNC box score since 2003–04? Check out