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Published: August 23, 2018

Update: Fouls, Technicals, Spreads

There are new pages added to the referee or officials section of the site:

This information is shared alongside the listed officials for each game.


It feels like the natural place to put it.


This is basic information. It shares Carolina fouls, opponent fouls, and combined fouls for every game since ‘03-04 season.

This is an attempt to try to answer questions like the following:

It has limitations:

It’s tough to draw a ton of conclusions with it in the current state, however, think it’s a start to trying to answer more questions around foul totals and an official’s tendencies in the future.


This information is available in all box scores, but it’s nearly impossible to find a central place to locate technical fouls. This page was an attempt to create that place.

A few notes:

The player with the most technical fouls since ‘03-04?

It’s a tie. Tyler Hansbrough and John Henson each have 3 apiece.


First, the intention isn’t to sleuth my way into a Tim Donaghy situation with sharing the information.

But I do think it’s interesting to share the projected result with the actual outcome alongside the officials. It gets the conversation going towards more in-depth research, so don’t go making sweeping conclusions about what you see here.

Notes on this information:

And some fun tidbits:


If you have questions or spot an error with this information, please contact me here. The majority of this information was pulled manually, so entirely possible there is a typo somewhere.

And if you have ideas on how to use this information, please also let me know at the link above. I’m open to all ideas.

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