FYI: Dadgum Box Scores

You’re reading FYI: Dadgum Box Scores, random observations using every UNC box score since '03-04.

Published: January 24, 2019

Update: Better tables, spelling errors, and filterable factors!

We’re now using Bootstrap 4 and Datatables to host all the data. You’ll notice the tables are formatted slightly different, and the responsiveness is less confusing.

If you’re still accessing the four factors on a mobile device, plan to use landscape. It will make it much easier to view the data.

And while we’re mentioning the four factors, you’ll now find a search box to filter games and see the four factor data. This makes it easier if you want to see how Carolina has historically performed across the four factors against an opponent.

For example, here is how Carolina has performed against Duke:

A few other small tweaks and changes:


If you have questions or spot an error with this information, please contact me here.

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